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Kitty Cat [PATCHED]

Attach unstuffed legs to the bottom of the kitty body. You can place them as you wish. You can see how I prefer to place them in the picture on the left. Tip, use pins to see how they look like before you sew them in.

kitty cat

One player then steps into the center of the circle, having chosen an occupation, and pretends to be a cat doing that occupation. For instance, as a kitty cat dentist, they may mime opening up an invisible person's mouth and make thoughtful meows and mews to themself as they then grab their drill and start drilling. Everyone on the outside should throw out guesses, in the form of "Kitty Cat Surgeon!" or "Kitty Cat Professional Origami Folder!" The player in the center points at whoever got it right. The group sings the song again, and then that person steps in.

What is more inspiring than a super hero wonder kitty?? This cute little black cat is here not only to save the day, but also hopefully brighten a someone's day!From an original watercolor and ink painting.

When our hearts are full of grateful feelings for our loved ones, we can't forget our sweet kitty friends. Deck your cat out in our beautiful Thanksgiving Combo so you can both give thanks for your friendship.

If you don't want to run but want the T-shirt? You can order a shirt from the Race Store - Just click on the "More" menu item and select "Store'. Shirts must be picked up at the Haven or the day of the race. There will be no shipping option.Prizes will be awarded for overall male and female 5k finishers (1st thru 3rd) as well as age group awards for male and female 1st thru 3rd finishers! We have made it our mission to save abandoned, stray, and injured animals, provide them with the care they need in a safe and loving environment, and adopt them into forever homes. To find out more about Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue visit our website at or join us on Facebook @kittykathavenrescue. 041b061a72


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