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The God Of High School (Dub) Episode 1

The main protagonist is Mori Jin, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea.[4] At the beginning of the story, he is invited to join a Martial Arts tournament called "The God of High School" (or GOH). The event, sponsored by a shady corporation, brings together people from high schools all over South Korea on a regional and then, national level in order to select three representatives for the World Tournament. As a prize, the winner gets his wish fulfilled by the hosting corporation, no question asked.

The God of High School (Dub) Episode 1

Author Park Yong-Je majored in cartoon animation at Sunchon National University. Inspired by action genre and Dragon Ball,[16][17] Park made his debut with "Tough Guy" (쎈놈), published on Naver Webtoon from 2008 to 2009. This manhwa, set around high-school brawlers from Park's hometown of Suncheon, was well received and inspired him to pursue a "100% totally unrealistic work of action" where high schoolers from all over the world would compete to become the God of High School.[18]

The "God of High School" tournament has begun, seeking out the greatest fighter among Korean high school students! All martial arts styles, weapons, means, and methods of attaining victory are permitted. The prize? One wish for anything desired by the winner.

Jin Mori has proclaimed himself the strongest high schooler. His life changes when he's invited to participate in "God of High School," a tournament to determine the strongest high schooler of all. He's told that if he wins, any wish he makes will be granted... All the participants are powerful contenders who fight their hardest for their own wishes. What awaits them at the end of the tournament? A chaotic battle between unbelievably strong high school students is about to begin!

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Home to Duke University's sprawling campus, Durham is smack in the middle of North Carolina's inventive Research Triangle. It is close to a major airport and has highly ranked public high schools. Plus, the minor league baseball team is just as revered as its major league counterparts.

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