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The Mystical Keys To The Psalms Dr Thessalonia Deprince Rar

The Mystical Key to the Psalms by Thessalonia Deprince

The Psalms are a collection of sacred songs and prayers that have been used for centuries by Jews and Christians for various purposes, such as worship, praise, thanksgiving, lamentation, petition, and meditation. The Psalms are also considered to be a source of spiritual power and wisdom, as they contain hidden meanings and secrets that can be revealed by those who know how to interpret them.

the mystical keys to the psalms dr thessalonia deprince rar

One of the authors who claimed to have such knowledge was Thessalonia Deprince, a self-proclaimed psychic and occultist who wrote several books on topics such as crystal gazing, forbidden knowledge, and the mystical key to the Psalms. According to Deprince, the Psalms can be used for various purposes, such as attracting love, money, health, protection, success, and happiness. He also claimed that each Psalm corresponds to a specific planet, zodiac sign, angel, demon, and magical seal that can be used to enhance its power.

Deprince's book The Mystical Key to the Psalms was first published in 1993 by United Spiritual Temple, a publishing house that specializes in occult and metaphysical books. The book contains 150 chapters, one for each Psalm, in which Deprince provides a brief introduction, a translation of the Psalm from the King James Version of the Bible, a commentary on its meaning and application, and a list of the corresponding planetary, zodiacal, angelic, demonic, and seal influences. He also provides instructions on how to use the Psalms for various situations and needs, such as finding a lost object, winning a court case, overcoming enemies, curing diseases, and achieving spiritual enlightenment.

The book is intended for those who are interested in exploring the hidden mysteries of the Psalms and using them as a tool for personal transformation and manifestation. However, some critics have questioned the validity and authenticity of Deprince's claims and interpretations. They have pointed out that his book is based on his own personal opinions and experiences rather than on any scholarly or historical evidence. They have also warned that his book may contain misleading or harmful information that could lead to negative consequences for those who follow his advice.

Deprince's book is not widely available in print or digital format. It is often sold at high prices by online sellers or collectors who claim to have rare or original copies. Some people have also tried to share or download his book in PDF or RAR format from various websites or platforms , but these files may not be reliable or safe to open. Therefore, those who are interested in reading his book should exercise caution and discretion before purchasing or accessing it.


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