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Drop Dead Diva 6x1

Inside the statue, Bram along with Burnette, Wolfe and Salinger, enter Jacob's chamber and point their guns at the Man in Black. Bram asks him where Jacob is, to which the Man in Black responds that Jacob is dead, and, as such, they are all now "free." Upon hearing this, Bram and his men become enraged and fire several shots at the Man in Black. One shot appears to strike him, after which he disappears behind a column. As Bram investigates the room, he finds the bullet that was thought to have hit the Man in Black lying on the ground. Confused, he turns around, just as the Monster enters the room.

Drop Dead Diva 6x1


In Raiders of the Lost Art, Blair, Chuck, Nate, Serena, and Lola travel to a mansion outside the city to find the truth behind Diana Payne. While there, Blair enters a room and finds Bart inside. When she leaves, she tells Chuck what she saw and he heads back in to investigate. The next morning, Bart explains to him that he had to fake his death to avoid having the entire family murdered by one of his competitors. After the car crash he paid off one of the doctors to turn off the machines and pronounce him deceased. Wanting to bring his father out of hiding, Chuck tracks down the man who wanted him dead and plans to set him up. However, he finds out that Andrew Tyler was also involved. He has both men arrested and Bart is then able to emerge from hiding (The Fugitives).

In Where the Vile Things Are, Lily, in an attempt to ruin Rufus and Ivy's art gala, sells a painting in which Bart hid the records of his oil trades. Meanwhile, Chuck has figured out where they are and ends up in a bidding war with Lily and Ivy, but they all ultimately lose to Rufus. Chuck offers to buy it from Ivy but is angry upon realizing Ivy took the records before sending him the painting. In Save the Last Chance, Ivy reveals to Bart and Chuck that she has the records and will give them to whoever hurts Lily the most. Bart says he is going to divorce Lily and Chuck plans to pretend to have her arrested as an accomplice to Bart's crimes. However, Bart is able to blackmail Nate into revealing Chuck's plan to Ivy. Not satisfied with his plan to just divorce her, Ivy suggests they also take pictures to make it look like they slept together to humiliate her more. Bart is willing to do so until Ivy is unable to provide the records; as Rufus swiped them before she left the loft and gave them to Lily. Dan is able to alert Chuck about where the records are but he fails at stopping Lily from burning them to protect Bart. In It's Really Complicated it's revealed that both Sheikh Hassan and Bruce Caplan, the Bass business manager, both died in mysterious accidents via Bass provided transportation. Blair suggests that if they can find a way to tie the two deaths together and present it to Lily they can get her on their side. They successfully drop enough hints and Lily leaves town for a few days to escape Bart, whom she no longer feels safe around. On her way out, she calls Chuck to tell him that she is fearful for their lives and promises to send him anything she can remember from the records. 041b061a72


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