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Panipat War In Marathi Pdf 417

No doubt Maratha rule and it's contribution to Indian culture during the period of Maratha rule is massive. Starting from their contribution in agriculture and education, music and literature, music, dance and cinema etc. Marathis had only one of the greatest conflicts they faced was the Afghan invasion in Panipat. Afghan lancers killed 20,000 Marathis in the battle in Panipat. Afghan force, a force of 20,000 foot and 12,000 horse, is considered to be an army of grand stature at the time. Afghans killed their horses and killed the horses of their allies, including the Mughal emperor. Their cavalry was unstoppable, their battle skills were a match for anyone and their strategies were superb. Some of their tactics were unconventional, too. In the battle, their well-coordinated attacks killed more than 20,000 Marathis, while their huge numbers were cut down to a handful. During that period, Afghanistan played a crucial role in the defeat of Muslims in India. In the fight, the highest army was fighting on one side. Between Afghanistan and India was a battle between two of the biggest empires of the time.

Panipat War In Marathi Pdf 417


The some of battlefields included the Great Indian Desert, Delhi-Agra road and Panipat, The Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The two empires engaged in nearly continuous war with each other in the years 1698-1715, as well as during the later Mughal Empire. It was the longest continuous war between two countries ever. During these many wars, Afghan soldiers, sometimes led by Babur himself, played a crucial role in the history of India. Each Afghan victory brought its commander closer to Delhi and gave the Afghans a larger, though not unifying, empire. Yet the Afghans never again dominated the subcontinent as they had during the Mughals. During the last Mughal war, in the 1715 battle of Ramchundra, the Afghans were pushed back and the Mughal empire itself collapsed. The Afghans would never again be able to dominate Indian culture. They fought many battles in the India, most notably Battle of Panipat.


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