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The VIP2 microcode (firmware) is an image that provides card-specific software instructions. A programmable read-only memory (PROM) device on the VIP2 contains a default microcode boot image that assists the system in finding and loading the microcode image from the Cisco IOS software bundle or from Flash memory. The microcode boot image in the PROM initializes the VIP2, and then assists downloading the VIP2 microcode image. All interfaces of the same type load the same microcode image, either from the Cisco IOS software bundle or from Flash memory. Although Flash memory can store multiple microcode versions for a specific interface type, only one image can load at startup.

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When a VIP downloads from the MEMD in the RSP and these errors are seen, this usually indicates that another VIP has written bad parity to the MEMD, or the MEMD has been corrupted. If the source is from the MEMD and it continues, you need to replace the RSP. Conversely, if the source of the bad parity is another VIP, you should reseat and, if necessary, replace the VIP that writes the bad parity.

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