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Kanye West 808 And Heartbreak Download Zip ##BEST##

while his music used to be a performance of his persona, this album was a perfect distillation of his personal experiences, in some of the most relatable moments. it showed that theres more to kanye than a persona. he wants to be heard, and was trying to convey that on his snl performance, only to have his ideas watered down even further. i also think he was saying to people that this album was more of the cards he couldve offered them, and that they couldve accepted. it wasnt the world tour he was always imagining. this album was more in line with a personal performance.

kanye west 808 and heartbreak download zip

when the blueprint 3 came out, kanye tweeted that he wanted to make an album with feature songs . and so, we get kid cudi. cudi made his first appearance on the album with #beautiful on the paul mccartney trio (bigger & longer version ), a collaboration with singer-songwriter and jay-z . "how did kanye west and jony ive meet?" we asked him. "i was writing on the piano," cudi says. "he sat down at the piano and we were talking shit. and the shit was funny. and then we started writing the song together. we started working on the shit until it was good. and then i hit it. it was done." in a clear imitation of prince, kanye said, the whole reason im doing this thing is just to be in the studio with you, you know?

for a man with such a complicated reputation, kanye is pretty straightforward. if he likes you, hes gonna tell you. kanye wrote the music for porky and he was very satisfied with the movie. the album closed with thats my boy. after he heard it, he said, you know what? the im a bit disappointed by porky. i might have to redo that part. so he did. and then he called up the director and asked, im gonna put that music back in, could you please please keep the music in the movie? he changed the film for the better. he was the same with monster ; he was very unhappy with it, the director was very unhappy, but he kept it. he can be a stubborn motherfucker.


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