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The existence of free-for-all deathmatch in a Battlefield game (see gif of excessive prone use above) surely defies some divine PC gaming laws, but it's a lot of fun, so whoever's been performing incantations in an RGB summoning circle ought to keep it up. Sure, the unholy novelty of Swedish Call of Duty will wear off eventually, but there are so many variables to fiddle with in Battlefield 2042's Portal game mode editor that I'm nearly convinced I should tell all my friends to buy it. I just need to try BF2042 in the real world before I can say for sure that there are $60 worth of hijinks here.

Pole bitwy 2042

When Battlefield 2042 early access starts this Friday for EA Play Pro subscribers and owners of the special editions, the servers will in all likelihood fill up with teenagers whose bone marrow has evolved to produce headshots in Battlefield games. My current K/D ratio won't survive, but I'll need to brave those live servers to get more experience with each mode before I publish my final review next week. It's also possible that bugs or server problems that I didn't notice during these sessions ruin the fun.

So far, though, I like this edition of Battlefield more than the last one. I've never cared for Battlefield's singleplayer campaigns, so I'm happy that DICE has focused on making a heartier, more fibrous multiplayer package for BF2042. It's something I'll chew on for a while. Here are some broad reactions from my time with it so far:

Battlefield Portal is the best part of Battlefield 2042, as predicted. Portal is a tool for creating and hosting custom game modes. It doesn't let you edit maps like Halo's Forge mode or true modding tools, but it does include a logic editor for fairly complex rule scripting. It's like Unreal Tournament mutators taken to the extreme, and draws guns, gadgets, vehicles, and maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042 itself.

Aimlessly running through fields and mulling around on capture points definitely brought me back to the early 2000s, though. And here's a realization that surprised me: The gap between Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3 was longer than the gap between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2042. Huh. BF3 still feels modern to me, though returning to Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals did remind me of how much has changed since 2011.

Limiting Battlefield 2042's standard "All-Out Warfare" modes to Conquest and Breakthrough feels like the right call. With all the diversions offered by Hazard Zone and Portal, Battlefield 2042's base experience didn't need to be stuffed with high-concept modes. Breakthrough is an unsurprising but fun gametype in which attackers must capture and hold two points from defenders before moving on to the next two points. Conquest is a mess like it always is.

The navy snub is more noticeable than I expected. As I just established, I like boats, so I should've known I'd be disappointed that the only boats in Battlefield 2042 are beached husks (outside of Portal, that is). I hope bays and rivers and watercraft make an entrance at some point post-launch, because BF2042 doesn't quite feel complete to me without a bit of salty sea spray and sometimes having to swim for a full minute because I made an error in judgment.

I was skeptical of Battlefield 2042's trend-following, but in the end, I haven't minded the addition of specialists. Battlefield games already contained gadgets. Specialists just tie some gadgets and perks to specific faces.

EA has already acknowledged that the game has been a failure for them in an internal meeting. While DICE continues to work on it, the future of Battlefield 2042 doesn't look very bright. The game has been entering EA Play for seven months since its release, but some strong reasons have led to its failure.

Battlefield 2042 was built with a live-service game in mind, but was there any requirement? All the previous games in the series have had a campaign. Like Battlefield V, some might not be the strongest parts of the game, but there's a difference between having some content and none. Battlefield V also has an active multiplayer, but live service doesn't appear to be its background motive.

It's hard to imagine that Battlefield 2042 was released without a functional scoreboard or a voice chat. If a game is built in a manner where communication isn't key, it might have made sense. However, the latest game was all-out warfare between real players. It's hard to guess, but EA missed a trick by not introducing voice communication at launch. It took a lot of negative feedback and six months to be introduced.

There is no shortage of bad decisions taken over Battlefield 2042, and one of the worst has been the inclusion of specialists. For unexplained reasons, DICE and EA decided to add backstories to the older class system. The soldiers also got their unique abilities and gadgets. This might have worked well on paper if it did as intended. Unfortunately, the gadgets and abilities have been nothing but a hindrance to players.

Irrespective of the type of game, bugs can wreak havoc, which has happened with Battlefield 2042. According to an internal report, the recent Battlefield game has the highest percentage of bugs among all the releases in the series. EA has blamed COVID-19 and working from home as some possible reasons, but players think otherwise. Some of the game's features haven't worked and have resulted in more work for the developers.

The essence of a live-service game is about providing consistent content throughout the game's cycle. Unfortunately, the content in Battlefield 2042 has been barebones. Despite the severe criticism, DICE has stayed busy fixing the bugs over adding something new. The developers have tried to showcase basic features like voice chat and scoreboards like new things, but fans have been less than happy with those endeavors.

The worst impact of this has been the delay of Season One content. It has been pushed back to spring and doesn't have a new date. The Portal mode, a rare positive, has also been limited by recent changes. Fans have kept asking for more content, but there has been very little. The bugs and missing features haven't helped, but Battlefield 2042 doesn't have the necessary content to classify it under live service.

DICE and EA have finally lifted the curtain on the next installment of the Battlefield franchise: a massive, near-future, sandboxy title called Battlefield 2042. And clearly, developers are hoping this one will help players forget all about Battlefield V.

Battlefield 2042 introduces a new approach to character classes. There will be 10 unique Specialists in the game, each with distinct weapons and abilities, but also opportunities for customization. There are four confirmed Specialists so far: recon, assault, support and engineer.

Battlefield 2042 is built for the next generation and it introduces a handful of fresh features, but at its core, this is a return to classic franchise form. EA and DICE have focused on building vast multiplayer sandboxes filled with opportunities for creative mass murder and high-flying action. And somehow, they composed a near-future sci-fi narrative starring people with no allegiance to any country, and still managed to turn it into a proxy war between the US and Russia. This also seems like a clear-cut chance to introduce a more diverse cast than normally seen in military shooters, but for now, it looks like Battlefield 2042 has a few white dudes and a woman in the support role. See? Classic.

Unlike its predecessors, Battlefield 2042 is an entirely multiplayer title, offering three multiplayer experiences that will either suit your gameplay style, or will leave you a bit bored. Developer EA Dice has tried to create multiplayer experiences for all disciplines, but a $60/60/AU$99.95 price tag for the standard edition of a solely multiplayer title on PS4 and Xbox One (add $10 on for PS5 and Xbox Series X) is still a hard pill to swallow - especially when you add on the price of the PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership needed to play on consoles.

The bread and butter of Battlefield 2042 is the All-Out Warfare experience. Made up of two revamped fan-favorite modes, Conquest and Breakthrough, All-Out Warfare offers a multiplayer experience that will be familiar to those who have played first-person shooters before and will likely be the best experience for newbies to the series.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting more news on Battlefield 2042 since it was officially revealed last month. With Battlefield 2042 only being a handful of months away, there is a lot that players are still wondering about the game. Luckily, EA has shared some more information on the game ahead of the company's EA Play event later this month.

The new information comes just after DICE LA rebranded to Ripple Effect Studios and announced that the studio would be at the helm of developing a mysterious third game mode for the newest Battlefield. Now, it seems that players will be able to look forward to seeing some of their favorite maps return in Battlefield 2042.

The news comes from EA's The Future of FPS stream from earlier today that is part of the company's EA Play Spotlight series. In a discussion with a small group of developers on the game, it was revealed that Ripple Effect Studios' game mode would feature a return of classic Battlefield maps that will be remade to be playable in Battlefield 2042. How extensive the remakes will be was not specified, but it will be interesting to see how the maps are updated to mesh with Battlefield 2042's dystopian futuristic setting.

The specifics of what the mode will look like were not brought up in the interview, and there also was no mention of what maps fans can expect to see featured in the mode. However, the well-known Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson tweeted shortly after the announcement to reveal a list of maps that he has heard will be featured in the mode. The list includes maps such as Metro, Locker, Wake Island, Siege of Shanghai, Arica Harbor, and Caspian Border. The list is not all together surprising, but it will be interesting to see how more claustrophobic maps like Locker will adapt to Battlefield 2042's increased player count. 041b061a72


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