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Landon Jones
Landon Jones

IA Writer 5.4.4 !!BETTER!!

The permits manual is a tool for department team members writing permits under the Missouri Clean Water Law. It is not intended to answer all questions a permit writer may have, but is a starting point for basic information and a tool to find other resources. It is intended to help all MoDNR offices involved in water pollution control permitting follow the same basic processes and guidelines when drafting permits. Consistency is the goal.

iA Writer 5.4.4

To help our permittees, consultants and other customers better understand the permit process, the department is making the manual available online. We hope permittees and consultants will use the manual to better understand the permit process and aid their communications with our permit writers. We encourage users to help us improve the manual by letting us know of errors and outdated procedures. 350c69d7ab


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