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I was actually surprised at how much I liked 3 Men and a Baby. I agree there are some hit-and-miss moments, and it does start off slowly, but a vast majority of it is very funny and enjoyable. The story is simple, three bachelors find a baby on the doorstep and before long they are knee-deep in bottles, nappies and goo. No matter how simple this story is it is effective too.Leonard Nimoy's direction adeptly keeps the entertainment and comedy afloat and it comes thick and fast, while the script has plenty of funny and engaging moments. The film is very nice visually, especially loved that apartment, and the music is good enough. The acting I had little problem with either, Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg and Tom Selleck show great chemistry together and deliver great performances individually as each of their characters get increasingly harassed while adapting to changing, feeding and burping duties, and the baby was very cute.All in all, very enjoyable and fun. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Download Three Men and a Baby (1987) {English W...

Architect Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck) has an ex in Rebecca (Margaret Colin). Michael Kellam (Steve Guttenberg) is a sensitive cartoonist. Jack Holden (Ted Danson) is a playboy actor. The three bachelors happily share a Manhattan penthouse with a long line of women coming in and out. Then somebody leaves a baby at their doorstep. A note indicates that Mary is the result of an union between Jack and Sylvia (Nancy Travis). Jack is away doing a TV movie. Peter and Michael are forced to deal with the baby. Jack has a package of drugs delivered to the apartment which is to be picked up by two men. Peter and Michael mistakenly assume the baby to be the package. Narcotics officer Sgt. Melkowitz (Philip Bosco) come to question the guys.The combination of the three stars makes this work. Selleck is terrific. This has good comedy and some awkward stuff. I can do without the heroin. It takes the movie down a dark alley. The tone is completely wrong. I would have liked more with Rebecca and Sylvia doesn't need to be British. Overall, it's a mix bag with some laughs.

THREE MEN AND A BABY is one of the big beasts of Hollywood cinema of the 1980s. It's a simple story, one that's well executed by Leonard Nimoy in one of his forays behind the camera, and truth be told there's little to dislike about it as a film. It's basically Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, and Tom Selleck in an apartment looking after a baby.You can guess the easy, laid back nature of the film in this film and it really is an easy viewing experience. Even a mildly suspenseful crime style sub-plot added to the proceedings never endangers the characters much or adds much in the way of real danger to the story. The three main actors are all charismatic and you can easily see why women would fall in love with them, although it's worth noting that the baby is the real scene stealer here.THREE MEN AND A BABY frequently threatens to veer into cheesy sentimentality, particularly at the climax, but that it never becomes too overwhelming is testament to its success as a film.

Parents need to know that Three Men and a Baby is a 1987 movie in which three devil-may-care bachelors must learn to take care of a baby left on their doorstep. The movie opens with a montage of women arriving at and leaving the bachelor pad shared by the three main characters, with the clear implication that they're not there to deliver cookies. The bachelors sleep around, talk of the sex they've had or are having with women. The baby (abandoned by its mother) was the product of one such fling. Sexual insinuation -- woman hints at the size of her boyfriend's penis. Dr. Ruth shown on television talking about women having orgasms. In relation to a heroin-smuggling subplot, some violence regarding a drug dealer is discussed but not seen. It's implied that the heroes and baby are in danger. The entire premise of the movie rests on the assumption that women are somehow natural parents while men must learn. Some drinking and drunkenness -- especially at a party thrown in the apartment the three men share. Profanity throughout the movie including "bulls--t," "s--t," and "d--khead."

Three swinging bachelors deal with and learn to love an infant left on their doorstep in THREE MEN AND A BABY. A gorgeous apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side is shared by three bachelors, architect Peter (Tom Selleck), actor Jack (Ted Danson) and comic book artist Michael (Steve Guttenberg). Their world is turned upside down when they find baby Mary in a basket at their door. She has been left there for Jack by her mother, who had a fling with him a year earlier. Because Jack is out of town shooting a movie, Peter and Michael try to learn about parenting as quickly as possible. While they think they will be happy to hand the task over to Jack when he returns, they find that they have enjoyed being fathers. When Mary's mother returns to reclaim the baby, all three men are unwilling to go back to their old lives without Mary.

Parents may enjoy watching these three self-confident guys crumble when faced with the demands of childcare, and kids could laugh at their unsuccessful attempts to keep a clean diaper on baby Mary, but there are too few such moments spread out over the course of the film. Surprisingly, the sequel Three Men and a Little Lady is a bit better.

Baby Daddy is an American sitcom created by Dan Berendsen that premieres on June 20, 2012, on ABC Family (Freeform).[1] The series follows Ben, a man in his twenties, who gets the surprise of his life when a one-night stand leaves his baby at his doorstep. Ben decides to raise his daughter with the help of his brother, Danny, his two close friends, Riley and Tucker, and his sometimes-overbearing mother, Bonnie. The show is based on and inspired by the American film Three Men and a Baby (1987), and serves as the third installment overall in the titular franchise. Six seasons are produced in total, with the 100th, and final episode airing on May 22, 2017. 041b061a72


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